1.  Call (312) 463-4233 to speak with a representative about your desired plan and to establish an account.


Go to to create an account and to select your trust management plan.



2.  Once you have selected and paid for your plan, complete the domain registration form.



Select the Domain Name you desire to register. Once the domain name is purchased, the domain name will be owned by you, and transferred to you should you close your account. 


3.  After you submit the domain registration, your intranet will be setup.
Allow up to 24 - 48 hours for your intranet to go live.


4.  Schedule your Training Session, if you have paid for Live Training or for assistance setting up your private intranet. 

If you have selected "Initial Setup" we will assist you with setting-up your system, and you will receive further information about the setup process in your confirmation email. 



Set up your system by logging in to your administrative back-end.

1.  Update all pages with the correct text.

  • Go to the Content tab at the top of the panel.

2.  If you have a shared-property, update the lodging component.

  • Go to the Components tab at the top of the panel and select Estate Reservations.

3.  Set up additional user accounts and assign access permissions.

  • Go to the Users tab at the top of the panel.

4.  View the administrative files to guide you through the process of:

  • Setting up shared-property schedules or reservations
  • Adding vendors
  • Submitting expenses
  • Tracking mileage
  • Adding inventory
  • Assigning inventory
  • Assigning tasks
  • Staff Training